Foreign Fines Management

Our Company has designed and developed a management software used to notify administrative acts to citizens living outside Italy.
A powerful, flexible and transparent solution, on a web platform, always available to the consultation that allows customers to check the status of the processing and to follow the process of each individual infringement in a clear and transparent way from the insertion payment, all in real time.
Always constantly updated to comply with all regulations and make the work more efficient and effective, thanks to its flexibility adapts to every customer’s need.

Currently the solution is adopted with full satisfaction by more than 300 institutions including: Metropolitan City of Milan, Rome, Florence, Turin, Naples, Bologna, Parma, Pisa, Ferrara, Lucca, Province of Pisa, Province of Brescia, Province of Como.

Accurated and optimized

  • Automate and standardize processes, reducing errors

Innovative and certified

  • Total compliance of the infrastructure


  • Cost-free infrastructure and turn-key service

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